Barnyard Boogie 17

By ToyMaker Music (other events)

Sat, Nov 10 2018 4:00 PM Sun, Nov 11 2018 8:00 AM

ToyMaker Music is proud to present:

BarnYard Boogie 17

*´¨) November 10th, 2018

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

(¸.•´ (¸.•` Udderly The Greatest Underground Event Ever Eva!!!!!!!


Location: North Central ILLY-Noise


For more info / Directions (Day of event):

312-83-I-GRUV (312.834.4788)

630-2-TOY-MKR (630.286.9657)


- Or -




18+ to get in, 21+ to drink (BYOB, But Please No Glass and Recycle)

Valid ID required at the door

ROAR will be in full effect


* * Tickets * *


Early Bird Special Tickets available for $20

Remainder of Pre-sale tickets available for $25

~All online tickets must be purchased before November 8th, 2018~

Day of the event Door Price $30


* * Vendors Contact * *




¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

(¸.•´ (¸.•` It’s almost November and everyone knows what that means! That’s right, it’s time for the event that you look forward to all year long, that’s right, it’s “BarnYard Boogie Time! ! !”


The legacy continues as ToyMaker Music brings you the biggest and longest-running underground electronic music event back to the Midwest. Expect to hear almost every electronic music genre imaginable—from Techno to Hardcore, Jungle, House, Drum & Bass, Breaks, Trance, and many more.


This year is our 17th year and we have a lot of amazing things in store for you!!! Be sure to round up all your friends and get ready to Boogie, because we promise it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before. This is an event not to be missed! You’ll be able to choose from over 100 DJs hailing from around the world for your dancing and listening enjoyment. There will be new & unique performance acts that will blow your mind, and there will also be giveaways all day and night, so be on the lookout for goodies to go!


It’s all going down in an awesome virgin venue near LaSalle, IL (90 miles west of Chicago) beginning Saturday, November 10th at 4pm and going after sunrise on Sunday morning at 8am. That’s an incredible 16 HOURS of music with free CAMPING. Music will begin during the day so you can jam out while you get your tent set up for the big night. Sound and Lights brought to you by: DayOne Productions, HappySound, ToyMaker Music, Intergruv Networks, Illuminatus Productions, Power Productions, Trioxin Productions, Mega Vision, Pierce Event Productions, and The Prankstas.


*Please Note: we’re giving everyone the opportunity to camp out so that you can be safe and have a well-rested trip home the next day. Please be responsible and bring your tents and rest up before driving. A larger venue means more DJs, more music options, and lots more fun. Remember, we’re starting the event at 4pm on Saturday.


★ BarnYard Boogie Video Promo produced by White Leaf Productions Visual Arts.


* * Venue * *

For more info / Directions (Day of event): 312-83-I-GRUV (312.834.4788) or 630-2-TOY-MKR (630.286.9657)


With a high class large venue comes an opportunity to have a whole new experience. We're hoping to use this venue for many years to come, so please show respect by picking up after yourself and respecting all property. We abide by the “Leave No Trace” philosophy, which means don’t damage the environment and leave the venue better than before you got there. Doing your part may earn you free tickets for next year's show.


* * Vendors * *

Vendors are encouraged! If interested, please contact ToyMaker directly at: or 872-444-6768.


* * A Good Cause * *

Show some PLUR! At some point in our lives we have all been down on our luck—in one way or another. Sometimes it could be in the form of needing a place to rest for the night, a bite to eat, or a ride somewhere. We are proud to bring back our friends RAWS (Ravers Against World Starvation). We’re asking you to think of others that don’t have the luxury of a warm home or a hot meal. RAWS (Ravers Against World Starvation) will be in attendance with free glow bracelets and Kandi for those who donate canned food items. The more donated food you bring the more you’ll glow… in more ways than one. Let’s show some support!


DanceSafe will be in attendance to promote health and safety within the music community. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well.


Also again this year, we will be featuring our reusable stainless-steel water bottles for $10 each, with unlimited free refills of filtered, spring water to cut down on waste.


* * Attention Photographers * *

All photographers are guaranteed free entry to our events, but must contact us by November 5th, 2018 @ 217-369-0313 or for a Media Pass. ToyMaker reserves photo rights in addition  the sole Photographer.


* * Remember * *

NO! DRUGS, MARKERS, WEAPONS, or BAD VIBES! And please No Batman Costumes!




For more complete information and directions to the event visit: or call:

312-83-I-GRUV (312.834.4788) or 630-2-TOY-MKR (630.286.9657)


˚. ★ *˛ ˚* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ* ˚ ˚✰˚ * ˚. ★ *˛ ˚* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ* ˚ ˚✰˚ *


¸.•*´ Follow ToyMaker Music at: <-- Like us!



~ Mission Statement ~


Founded in 1996, ToyMaker Music has been all about the music, its people, and staying true to the underground. We are one, we are family. Let’s make sure to take this opportunity to gather and enjoy what brings us all together -Music- We are here to show the world that we can create quality events while supporting a worthy cause. ToyMaker Music supports the local scene, while bringing in big name acts. Let’s keep the unity and vibe in our scene and get ready to boogie all night.


"We cannot change unless we survive, but we cannot survive unless we change! Don't let the music die!"


˚. ★ *˛ ˚* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ* ˚ ˚✰˚ * ˚. ★ *˛ ˚* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ* ˚ ˚✰˚ *



(In no particular order)


☆★ PAULINA TAYLOR - Uplifting Happy Hardcore / Los Angeles, CA * R:EVOLVE, KOTC, WoNKed Records, Hyper-Sound


Coming to us from the City of Angels, hails one of the most prolific names in U.S. Happy Hardcore history, Paulina Taylor. Beginning his professional career in 1995, he is credited with being the sole Godfather of Happy Hardcore on North American soil. In his 23 year tenure, he has played throughout the United States, and has also performed at Anabolic Frolic's famed Hullaballo events in Toronto, Canada. He has shaped the underground hardcore movement on the West Coast, from the ‘90s til now!


☆★ CLOUDSKIPPER - UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, DnB / Kaneohe, HI * OmniEra Life, Spectra


From his start as a DJ nearly 2 decades ago, Cloudskipper has been a leader in the North American hardcore music scene. His vibrant and diverse sets continue to energize crowds. Cloudskipper’s passion for blending hardcore and drum & bass together in one free-flowing set gets the crowd jumping!


☆★ DANNY THE WILDCHILD - Dancefloor Drum & Bass / Chicago, IL * Cyber Groove Agency


Danny the Wildchild has become one of the most highly regarded drum & bass DJs in America. His unique blends of jungle and hip hop beats, amazing scratching, and beat juggling consistently rock heads in every corner of North America. His talents have brought him to perform alongside every major drum & bass DJ you've ever heard of, including major rap acts. In the studio Danny is a prolific drum & bass producer with years of dancefloor melting experience and a ferocious hunger to spread his original music across the globe.


☆★ RAY UPTOWN - Drum & Bass / Burbank, CA * Metalheadz, Formation Records, Ukb, Golden State Drum & Bass


Ray Uptown, hailing from Vallejo California, has over 17 years in the game. Signing with major drum and bass labels within Metalheadz and Formation Records in 2015, with back-to-back number one worldwide releases in 2016. [Scar-Orkyd Project] [For The Heads w/Nc-17] As producer, MC, and DJ, Ray also has production credits with multiple worldwide releases, within UK Breakbeat & Rockers 175. Available at all major digital distributors.


☆★ BABEL - Jungle / Seattle, WA * M.I.A., Dub Chamber Recordings, US YardRock


Babel has made noise in both Hip-Hop and the Jungle world for the past decade and beyond. With releases on Silent, Dub Chamber, and Combat Records, as well as DJing for the Society of Invisibles, Babel is always a crowd pleaser with his rolling heavy bass.


☆★ DJ SQUIGGLES w/ MC OBLIQUITY - Happy Hardcore / Minneapolis, MN * Hard Dance Minnesota


This duo has been rocking crowds all over the United States together for over 10 years. Together they work the crowd into a frenzy full of sing-alongs and fist pumps. Every set is a memorable one, so get ready for the hardcore rush, Squiggles and Obliquity are about to touchdown!


☆★ FOREST GREEN - Electro House, Melbourne Bounce / San Francisco, CA * Cute Fang Recordings


Starting her DJ journey in the 1990s San Francisco underground, Forest Green continues to perfect the art of moving our energy through music, rocking the dance floor, and mastering the mix. She has played with many of the world's most beloved and accomplished artists, and has performed in almost every state in the USA, as well as several overseas tours to Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia. Expect to hear only the finest musical gems, as she searches high and low for the most cutting edge, floor shaking, booty quaking EDM the world has to offer, and brings it straight to you!


☆★ BUCKY FARGO - Techno / Chicago, IL * Nightsweat Events

Rooted in the dark, spacey sounds of techno / minimal, Bucky Fargo takes audiences on tech-heavy rides suited for the after-midnight set. Growing up in the house epicenter of Chicago, Bucky was quickly influenced by the rave scene in the ‘90s. In no time Bucky was a seasoned conductor of the Midwest rave scene and played some of the most respected club events across the USA and Europe. His long-and-layered transitions keep crowds wondering where the next breakdown will break. Bucky pushes the boundaries and experiments with dance floors everywhere.


☆★ THOMAS KELLY b2b KAGE - Trance / Chicago, IL & Los Angeles, CA * ToyMaker Music, Kids Of The Core Chicago, Hyper-Sound, Wonked Records

This will be Thomas Kelly's 6th year returning to the fabled BarnYard Boogie! Recently, Thomas has started up an offshoot of Kids Of The Core Global in Chicago, IL. With his KOTC Chicago chapter, Thomas has already thrown quality events for the masses such as “Zelda Legends” & teaming up with ToyMaker Music with “Resurgence!” At the age of 16, Thomas Kelly witnessed Paulina Taylor play for the very first time at the first rave he ever attended, and has avidly followed him throughout his spectator and DJ career. KAGE is the second alias of the Hardcore DJ, Paulina Taylor, a name dedicated to purely Trance & Hard Dance. So as these two underground DJs come together, you can expect the most awesome Trance melodies and wicked hard bangin Trance sound that these two are known for in their respective scenes!


☆★ DELAMOTA - Drum & Bass / Chicago, IL * Combat Records, M.I.A.


Delamota’s name is synonymous with Chicago Drum & Bass and he is well known for being one of the founders and president of one of America's largest drum & bass music groups, M.I.A. (Murda In America). His drive to push Drum & Bass has taken Delamota to several musical places as a DJ and producer, including three national tours, a live DnB band called "soljazz" that played many raves in the ‘90s & early ‘00s, and a drumstep group "high$ociety" that is currently playing several events around Chicago. Delamota takes his crowd through the stages of drum & bass with some of the wickedest basslines available.


☆★ 2B HAPPY - UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore / Los Angeles, CA * Scarred Digital, Hardcore Junglists United


Since 2004, 2b Happy has made himself a strong staple in the Los Angeles happy hardcore scene. Signed to Scarred Digital, playing internationally, and now making his way through America's hardcore scene one state at a time, 2b Happy has hardcore in his heart and wants to show everyone his undying love for Hardcore. Catch him throwing down at BarnYard Boogie!


☆★ LADY BANDIT - Breakbeats / Dayton, OH * Break On Thru Productions


Taking turntables as a debt in 2002, Lady Bandit fell upon the opportunity to DJ, so she took it! The only way she'd ever stop DJing would be if she stopped having fun or it stopped progressing. Now, 15 years later she's still bangin’ out dance floors throughout the Midwest and beyond. A native of Dayton, Ohio, Lady is known as the "Midwest Breakbeat Queen." Her style can be defined as "Sexy Beats" whether it's Breaks, House, or Drum & Bass! Lady Bandit makes sure to always keep the bass lines dirty with a side of sexy and funky beats.


☆★ TWITCHIN SKRATCH - Techno / Chicago, IL * Bottomless, INVADED, Primary Nightclub


Twitchin Skratch has been caressing the decks for more than a decade now. Over the past few years, Twitch has racked up a number of notable achievements in his electronic music career. He has hit numerous top 100 charts on Beatport (including two #1 releases and a handful of top 10s), collaborated with producers and labels around the globe, and had numerous songs licensed for commercial use.


☆★ MICRODOT - Techno / Chicago, IL * IHeartTechno, RaveStabs

Part of a duo called PuftDank, Microdot is inspired and driven from his experience with the ‘90s rave scene. He has infused a movement: “Chicago Techno,” which he continues to expand with his performances and production. Not only is Microdot producing and playing many shows, he’s also behind the creation of some of the biggest underground parties in the midwest. With dreams to host his very own Chicago Techno festival, Microdot is getting closer to doing so with his large-scale IHeartTechno events, as well as playing at some of the best clubs in the Chicago, such as Smartbar, Primary, and Exit.


☆★ DEVO™ - Hardcore / Chicago, IL * ToyMaker Music, Mad•House


Utilizing his creativity, innovation, and technical mastery, Devo takes the art of the DJ to new levels that will rock your soul. As the founder of ToyMaker Music and Mad•House, Devo has been a pioneer of the electronic music community with events that continue to set new standards and unite fanatics and enthusiasts from around the world.


☆★ HAPPYFIXX - Happy Gabber, Breakbeat Hardcore / Iowa City, IA * The Happy League, ToyMaker Music


Ever the connoisseur of happy vibes, HappyFixx has been slinging vinyl for more than fifteen years. A single set will range from oldschool cheesy Breakbeat Hardcore to super bouncy Happy Gabber. As long as it’s fast, happy, and puts a smile on your face.


☆★ TURTLE MATT - Hard House, Drum & Bass / Indianapolis, IN * Turtle Productions


Turtle Matt has played throughout the USA and is becoming one of the rising stars of the Midwest. He has gained notoriety for his high energy, all vinyl sets in a seemingly short time. Submerged in underground dance music before the turn of the millennium, Turtle Matt’s foundation in both DJing and promoting electronic music was inspired from the dance floor up.


☆★ MISS K FUNK - Bangin Disco House / Oakland, CA * ToyMaker Music, Mad•House


Returning from Oakland, CA, one of ToyMaker's top DJs will be showing her skills on the decks once again. Get ready to get your body movin’, as her set will guarantee you’ll need new dancing shoes.


☆★ SELEKTA STEEL - Jungle, Drum & Bass / Chicago, IL * M.I.A


Selekta Steel has a name that says it all. Spinning some of the hottest new DnB, from jump up to jungle, this man’s beats are as hard as his name. Committed member of M.I.A., Selekta Steel has had the opportunity to work alongside one of the most influential DnB crews in the USA and some of the area's most talented DnB DJs. Since the ‘90s when jungle first arose, Selekta Steel fell in love and has been tuning his ear to pick only the best tracks.


☆★ ADONIS CHILDS (aka FREE THE SHEEP) - Mind Dance / Chicago, IL * True Family Unit, Deeplomatic Records, Fresca Recordings


Adonis Childs’ unique style has deemed him the name ‘Prince of the Underground.’ Adonis has locked down his music for many years making it a do not miss. At the warehouse and loft events of True Family Unit, he started out in the ‘90s rave movement with live PA sets, later moving to DJing. Pure & expressive dance music is a clear gateway into this Chicago Underground artist’s soul. Free the Sheep is his alias for his artwork; he feels he can’t be locked in a box with musical styles. Adonis has many different life experiences that come out through many genre. He believes music should come from the soul.


☆★ IDIOM - Hardcore / Chicago, IL * Devil Times Nine, KOTC Chicago, ToyMaker Music


Idiom is one of the last of a dying breed in the Midwest, spinning the hardest of hard and never slowing down. A set not to be missed! His head pounding bass and high levels of energy will make your ears bleed. Another year of madness, and he's ready to drop some of the hardest music you will ever hear in your life.


☆★ CASEY LEE - Electro, Tech House / Milwaukee, WI * Noise Complaint Records, DUP


Casey Lee is a Milwaukee based DJ and Producer. He has been rocking crowds around the Midwest for nearly 15 years and has opened for some of the biggest names in the biz. Casey Lee delivers a high energy performance with a unique blend of multiple in your face genres and rock-solid mixing.


☆★ BLAKE LAS aka DJ TEK 9 - Multi-Genre, Trance / Chicago, IL * DJs Unlimited


On his 17 year journey, DJ Tek 9 has sharpened his skills and showmanship on vinyl, CDs & more! His DJ adventures have taken him to unique places and spaces such as warehouses, barns, racetracks and tonz more bizarre venues!



¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

(¸.•´ (¸.•`  ★ Tag Teams ★ -----------------------------------------------------------------  

(In no particular order)



- House, Techno / Chicago, IL * Gaia Recordings, Dance Mania, Trax Records, Djax Records, Muzique Records

Jackers of the Midway is a collective of Chicago legend Steve Poindexter, D3RKIN, and DJ Seven Chicago who have come together to annihilate dance floors. Each one of these members has been holding it down in the underground scene for decades whether it be as DJs, artists, or party promoters. There is no denying this is the one act you should not miss!


☆★ COEXST - Ghettotech & Tech-House / Chicago, IL * ToyMaker Music, Exit

Ryan Moses and Samantha Rose came together into a partnership after meeting in Chicago and falling in love during their exploration of the midwest underground music scene. Their joint-DJ career lifted off with solid momentum as their musical tastes evolved quite rapidly, thanks to the driving forces of Chicago house & techno. They are now deeply integrated in the underground scene, DJing at warehouses parties, running their own nights at the House of Blues, and acting as residents and personalities at the iconic punk & metal bar, Exit Chicago.


☆★ POSITIVE EN3RGY (DJ EN3RGY vs MATT POSITIVE) - Happy HardCore / Los Angeles vs Chicago * KOTC Global, KillerTraxx UK, CKM Records US vs the Happy League, ToyMaker Music


With over 40 years of experience between these two artists, DJ En3rgy and Matt Positive are coming together for a Los Angeles vs Chicago Hardcore throwdown unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed. Both are mix technicians in their own right when it comes to vinyl, so yes...this battle will not happen on CDJs, this will take place on three Tech 1200 turntables! So prepare for the funky cheese and the ultimate happy hardcore beats, because this will be a set to remember!!!


☆ SYMBOLTON (Jakk Tripper & Matthew Murrie) - Techno & Minimal / Chicago, IL * No Ratz, Strange Luv, LABEL


☆ FALSE PROPHETS (DJ Shaun Sin b2b Brent Sin) - Drum n Bass, Hardcore / Madison, WI * Sloth ENT. & Useless Productions, the Happy League






☆ TOM N JERRY / - Tech House / Rockford IL * After Midnight Entertainment, ToyMaker Music


☆ DUO. DAI·GU·REN - J-core, UK Hardcore / Detroit, MI * Hardcore 313, Ice Queen Productions





☆  Groove RX & Calvera - Tech House / Mendota IL * Ogre Music



★★ Special Performances ★★

QC Sol Fire, Dr. Spifire, Minnie Smalls, Sarah Sparkles, Jessi Lynn, Ashley Smith, Jamaican Me Dance, and Third3y3feline


☆★ New This Year ☆★

~ Special 30 min. yoga & stretching workshop, flow workshop, and fire safety workshop will presented by QC Sol Fire.         **Note: Times of workshops will be posted the night of the event.



★★ Featured MCs ★★

Toxik, MC Phillie B, Spade One, MC Obliquity, and Remey Le Flow



Also Performing (In no particular order):


► Tetra Music Project - Minimal Electronic, Chillwave / Tetra Music * Ypsilanti, MI


► DJ PAKMAN & MC PHILLIE B - Hardstyle / Milwaukee, WI * UDJSS (United DJs & Sound Systems)


► Potpocket - Hardcore, Drum & Bass / Columbus, OH * Justice Hardcore, Ice Queen Productions, Hardstyle Family


► The Pseudoreality - Experimental, Electronica / Quad Cities, IL * True Love Productions, ToyMaker Music


► DJ_Reflex - Techno / Rantoul, IL * Bass-Mint Music, ToyMaker Music


► DJ Neux - House, Techno / Quad Cities, IL * True Love Productions, ToyMaker Music


► BenzoLive - House, Juke / Chicago, IL * Chicago Bootleggers, ToyMaker Music


► Notorious Niño - Hardstyle / Chicago, IL * Badass Raves


► Bobby Skills - House / Champaign, IL * Bass-Mint Music, ToyMaker Music


► Don Mega - Downtempo / Chicago, IL * PartyStar, Mega Vision


► Diva D - Drum & Bass, Jungle / Madison WI * HoneyPot Crew, The Audio Vandals


► LT - Techno / Chicago, IL * Krunch Audio Section8techno


► Black Kettle - Downtempo Hip Hop / Moline, IL * Mad•House


► Groovegadget - House / Chicago, IL * Organic Grooves, BassMint Music, ToyMaker Music


► DJ Wonderdog - House / Chicago, IL * LYB Crew, Power Productions


► Fermat's Quandary - Experimental Techno / San Francisco, CA * ToyMaker Music


► Cory Night - Dirty House, EDM / Chicago, IL * Emby Rec. Phunkjunk


► Skrimshaw - Drum & Bass / Chicago, IL * DnBID, ToyMaker Music


► Zombi - Gabber, Crossbreed / Chicago, IL * ToyMaker Music, KOTC


► Snarf - UK Hardcore, Gabber / Champaign, IL * TN EDM


► Nova - Dutch, Electro House / Detroit, MI * Sucker Punch!, Strange Luv


► Lindsey Lucky - Deep Tech House, Bassline House / Denver, CO * Lunar Dance Unit


► Dj DieSel - House, Bass / Chicago, IL * Personalities Inc, MidWest Visuals


► Dj LilBit - House, Breaks / Chicago, IL * Pranksta


► DJ Nieko - Jackin' House / Chicago, IL * ToyMaker Music, HousebrokenCHI, Midwest Hustle


► IRA K. -Techno, House / Las Vegas, NV * ToyMaker Music, Sugar Shack Radio, FatFunk Prod., atTRACKtive music


► Dark Solaire - Hardcore Techno / Chicago, IL * ToyMaker Music


► Sonic Femme - Dirty House, Fidget House / Detroit, MI * Hardcore 313


► DJ Kidd - Tech House / Chicago, IL * Organized Confusion, No Ratz, Power Productions


► Jack Richards - House / Rockford, IL * Hearsay Music, Undaground Elements, C.U.S.


► Paradeigma Sontis - Psytrance, Breaks / Chicago, IL * DeadlySine Productions, ToyMaker Music


► Lyrek - Tech House / Chicago, IL * Pranksta


► Taki - Down Tempo Drum & Bass, Dubstep / Chicago, IL * ToyMaker Music


► Lars161 - Techno / Chicago, IL * ToyMaker Music


► Jungle Noise - Dubstep-Open format Bass Music / Wonder Lake, IL * Scorched AM - DayDream Records


► Subverb - Drum & Bass / Chicago, IL * DnBID, Bassdrive


► Phillie B - Breakbeat, Drum & Bass / Darien, WI * Better Breakbeat Bureau, DJSS, AME


► Eddy Moran - Psytrance / San Francisco, CA * Kids Of The Core, 840 Pro, Top Dawg SF


► DJ Tutt - Tech House / Chicago, IL * Pierce Event Production, Banana Camp Show


► Mindtza - House / Plainfield, IL * Disco Pimps, Chicago Underground Sound


► Joshua D - House, Progressive / East Peoria, IL * SP3KTRUM Music


► Rhapsodic - Techno / Chicago, IL * After Midnite Ent. Sugarshack Recordings


► Villains Wear Black - Hardstyle / Chicago, IL * ToyMaker Music


► Bad Corey - UK Hardcore / Chicago, IL * Choppin Proper Records, Hardcore Junglists United


► Saxony - Drum & Bass, House / Grand Rapids, MI * Rumble Kzoo


► Kyle Da Buddha - Electro, Breakbeats, Madison, WI * AME


► DJ AZA - House, Techno / Cincinnati, Ohio * In The Groove Productions


► Keith Wolnik - House, Tech House / Chicago IL * Housebroken, Banana Camp, Sugershack Recordings


► Kennady - Tech House / Appleton, WI * Drop It Kr3w, Beat FrequentC Productions


► Psylance - Psytrance / South Bend, IN * Mad•House


► BassDRx - Drum & Bass / Freeform Bass * RIP Promotions, RIP Radio


► DJ Dice - Hardstyle & Jumpstyle / Iselin, NJ * Hardbass Addicts, Groove Therapy, Backyard Beatz


► Jungle House - Jungle, House / Chicago, IL * Proper Chicago


► Space Monkey - Down Tempo / Indianapolis, IN * Mad•House


► Evolutionize - UK Hardcore / Chicago, IL * Hardcore Junglists United, Choppin Proper Records


► Glitter Magik - Techno / Detroit, MI * Strange Luv    


► FiyaFly - Jump Up, Drum & Bass / Chicago, IL * DNB Girls, M.I.A.


► Toxik - Dubstep, Drumstep / Chicago, IL * Mad•House


► Christopher Lynn - House, Tech House / Chicago, IL * ToyMaker Music


► Unicorn Apocalypse - Hardstyle, Freestyle / Chicago, IL * Plurlife Promotions, KOTC Chicago, Peacefest


► DJ Trevael - Techno / Chicago, IL * Sunrise Deep, Chicago Techno, Wasabi Groove Crew


► Papa Bear - House, Trance / Clarksville, TN * TN EDM


˚. ★ *˛ ˚* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ* ˚ ˚✰˚ * ˚. ★ *˛ ˚* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ* ˚ ˚✰˚ *



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Main Info Lines (Directions will be posted approx. 1 one week before event):

312-83-I-GRUV (312.834.4788)

630-2-TOY-MKR (630.286.9657)



217-369-0313 -or-



* * Vendors * *

Vendors are encouraged! If interested, please contact ToyMaker directly at: -or- 872-444-6768


Absolutely NO Drugs, Weapons, Markers, or Bad Vibes! And please No Batman Costumes!


Please use P.L.U.R.

R.O.A.R will be in full effect

Please Respect the venue

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